On our 10th Anniversary trip to Calca, Peru. Our first after the pandemic. We screened over 90 patients and took 50 of them to the operating room to give them back one of the 5 senses we take for granted every morning when we open our eyes… sight. Every member of the team dedicated not only their vacation time but also their hard earned cash to fund their participation. Even then, and with close to $70,000 of donated cataract surgical supplies from Alcon & Surgical EyeExpeditions, Sights On Health with the assistance of our generous donors, spends more than $24,000 to help those less fortunate. Last but not least we wanted to give a shout out to our very gracious supporters for all you do for us to make this mission possible!

Alcon & SEE for all their intraocular lenses and other surgical supplies.
GOLD Level of Support
-Island Eye Surgical Center, Westbury, NY
-Barbara & Brian Shore
-Spectrum Vision/OCLI, Garden City, NY
-Thomas & Soley Burke
-James & Sally Rienzo
-Northwell Health: Center for Global Health
-Dr. & Mrs. Mario Fracassa
-Mr. Brian Knoth & Dr. Natalie DiGioa
-Dr. Jack Oats
SILVER Level of Support
-Linda Collier
-Lnk International,Inc. – Manufacturers of OTC Pharmaceuticals
BRONZE Level of Support
Dr. & Mrs. George Demacopoulos
Chris Del Valle
Dr. Jack Stern
Dr Gerard D’Aversa
Dr. Paul Galstian
Gerardo Casco
Cathleen Whelan
Alma Hernandez
Peter Breingan
Dr. Glenn Stoller
Ingrassia Sharis
Susan Legovich
Ana Henriquez & her office team @OCLI
SPECIAL THANKS TO: FNE International, Dr. Francisco Morales, and Dr. Frilo Silva. Also Ambassador Marita Landaveri and LATAM Airlines

AND numerous other donors we could not have done without.