April 12 , 2021

Since July 2020, Sights on Health has continued their outreach to support those in need in Peru. This has been accomplished remotely, by donating funds to one of our Peruvian colleagues, Dr. Francisco Morales of  ASOCIACIÓN WIÑAYPAQ. Sights on Health has had the privilege of working with him since 2013 during the medical and cataract surgical missions. Since the start of the pandemic SoH has donated $2,600 to support people in distant villages across the jungle and the Andes.  Dr Morales has traveled from village to village bringing scarce supplies of masks, gloves, gowns, face shields and pulse oximeters to remote health outposts. Most recently he has used the donated funds to purchase supplies for testing hemoglobin and glucose levels, dispensing medical care and medications for the elderly. The medicines were donated to the municipal team to provide integral health care to the families of patients or victims of Covid-19. Additional clinics are scheduled for April. Consider supporting these clinics in Peru with a donation.  Thank you!


January 24, 2021
Keeping our Sights on Health, Navajo Nation

Holiday 2020 Fundraiser aids Native Americans hard hit by Corona virus on Navaho Nation

As a result of your generosity Sights on Health’s 2020 Holiday fundraising drive has purchased $5,000 worth of fingertip pulse oximeters; 200 devices have been delivered to the Navajo Nation’s reservation this month. Case management teams will distribute them to people with active COVID cases and healthcare workers for their use. Thank you!

Wishing you a wonderful, safe, and healthy New Year in 2021.

Directors & Officers of Sights on Health, Inc.
Debra Messina, MD, Joseph Ng, MD, Cathy Roberts, Andrew Maggiolo, George Coritsidis, MD, Michael Sable, MD and James Rienzo


September 30, 2020

As the pandemic continues to have a devastating affect in Peru, Sights on Health has donated another $1,000 to FNE International to purchase necessary personal protective equipment for Dr Francisco Morales and his staff at Asociacion Winaypaq, Cuzco.
These sorely needed pulse oximeters, thermometers, and PPE will be delivered to the remote villages of Lares, Huacahuasi, and Yanatile. We truly hope that this will provide some relief…

Thank You to all our supporters for continuing to make this possible.

Jul 31, 2020, 2020 - FNE International Donation

As the pandemic continues to have a devastating affect on many regions in Peru, Sights on Health has donated $1,000 to FNE International to purchase necessary personal protective equipment for Dr Francisco Morales and his staff at Asociacion Winaypaq, Cuzco www.asociacionwinaypaq.org/426994404. The donation was tripled by a match from Apple.

Dr. Morales left yesterday from Calca to travel to the jungles of Yanatile. We wish the team a safe trip as they provide medical care to the most needy in Peru’s rural health posts. Our thoughts are with our friends in Peru…

Jul 31, 2020 -  Traveling to remote Minesterio de Salud

This month Dr Francisco Morales has been traveling to remote Minesterio de Salud (Red Cusco Norte) outposts in the Peruvian jungle such as Puesto De Salud Huachibamba, P.S. Conbapata, P.S. Corimayo to deliver supplies purchased by FNE International and Sights on Health. He and his team delivered many masks, face shields  ten infrared thermometers and eight pulse oximeters. Sights on Health thanks Dr. Morales and FNE Int’l for their amazing work, we are happy to been able to support your efforts with our donation!

Jul 31, 2020, 2020 -  Sights on Health raises > $24,000 for campaign to feed our NY Frontline Heroes during Covid -19 Pandemic

Imagine 3,576 healthy tasty meals appearing day and night in various New York area ICUs, emergency departments and hospital floors overflowing with critically ill covid-19 patients and their hardworking caregivers. We hope you can because that’s exactly what you were a part of!

When you answered our call and gave so generously to our special fund drive you became a part of a support system unprecedented in our New York area.  Together we raised more than $24,000!  Sights on Health Inc is so grateful to have you as part of our team for this amazing effort. Every single delivery of meals, sometimes 170 at a time, was gratefully, sometimes tearfully, received by our frontline heroes. This initiative also provided local restaurants with a source of revenue during these difficult financial times.

Sights on Health has provided the following number of meals (breakfast, lunches, dinners):

  • NYC HHC Elmhurst Hospital 995 meals
  • NYC HHC Queens Hospital 830 meals 
  • Mount Sinai Queens, Astoria 150 meals
  • NYC HHC Henry Carter, Manhattan 106 meals
  • NYC HHC McKinney, Brooklyn 120 meals
  • NYC HHC Coler, Roosevelt Island 170 meals
  • NYC HHC Gouverneur, Manhattan 176 meals
  • NYC HHC Coler, Roosevelt Island 170 meals
  • NYU Langone, NYC 120 meals
  • Mount Sinai South Nassau Community Hospital, Oceanside 100 meals
  • Mather Hospital/Northwell Health, Port Jefferson 313 meals
  • Stony Brook University Hospital 30 meals
  • Southside Hospital, Bayshore 120 meals

We count YOU among our most vital supporters and partners as we vow to continue to serve our patients through our medical & surgical missions in the near future and our Frontline Healthcare Heroes. Follow Sights on Health on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates.

Critical care physicians @ Elmhurst Hospital, Queens, NY
Apr 29, 2020 -  Proud of our Volunteers!

A special thank you to the physicians and healthcare providers working on the frontlines. Listed below are just a few of our past participants and where they’re contributing to help save lives.   These professionals are an important part of our Sights on Health family and have participated in our medical and cataract surgical missions to Peru and Ecuador since 2012; many of them more than once. We are so proud of all of you as you work tirelessly giving the best patient care possible during this pandemic. We invite any of our other past participants to share with us where they are and what they’re doing to serve the needs of patients across the USA during this pandemic. We salute you!

NYC Health & Hospital @ Elmhurst Hospital, Queens

Dr. George Coritsidis
Dr. Saad Bhatti
Dr. Christina Rager
Bindu Rai, R.N.
Kristina Kordesh N.P.
Brian Delaney R.N.

Mather Hospital/Northwell Health, Port Jefferson
Dr. Joseph Ng
Kenneth Roberts

StonyBrook University Hospital
Julia Colmenares, N.A.

Dr. George Coritsidis, Critical Care Specialist & Nephrologist @ Elmhurst Hospital, Queens

Dr. Joseph Ng, Critical Care Specialist Mather Hospital/Northwell Health, Port Jefferson


Apr 29, 2020 -  3-D Printed Face Shields by Chris Karavoulias & Adam Luter

Many thanks to Chris Karavoulias & Adam Luter from Massachusetts. Using their own personal printers, they are printing 3-D face shields to provide frontline healthcare workers face protection. They joined a group dedicated to bringing together people with 3-D printers and hospitals in need - www.makersforcovid19.com

So far, Chris & Adam have made more than 250 face shields and 100 ear savers and donated them to several hospitals in Webster & Peabody, Massachusetts & the West Roxbury VA hospital. They recently sent Sights on Health 60 face shields & 15 ear savers for Elmhurst Hospital in Queens & will be sending these supplies to healthcare workers treating Native Americans at the Indian Health Hospitals in South Dakota. Thanks to their determination, they plan to keep making them until they cannot obtain materials anymore or their 3D printers fail to work any longer. THANK YOU, Chris and Adam, for your efforts to provide our frontline healthcare workers with protective face gear across the USA!

Apr 29, 2020 - Covid-19 Fundraising Challenge For Frontline Heros

Pat Cannon from Mr. Pats Neighborhood is sending you this fundraising challenge.

Covid-19 Fundraising Challenge For Frontline Heros from A Promise to Peru on Vimeo.


Apr 28, 2020 -  Proud of our Volunteers!

 Sights on Health mails boxes of  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Native American communities in the United States:

Rosebud Indian Reservation & Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota

~100 nonsterile gowns

~600 masks

~350 pairs of gloves

~50 protective face shields, made with 3D printers by our volunteers

Navajo Nation Indian Reservation

~55 face shields made with 3D printers by our volunteers


March 30, 2020 - Feed Our NY Frontline Healthcare Heroes


Sights on Health, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization is asking the community for donations in order to purchase meals for frontline healthcare workers and support staff at the public NYC Health and Hospitals and Long Island Hospitals.  All of us at Sights on Health feel ourselves in solidarity with healthcare providers who are working and struggling their way through the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a medical and surgical charity providing care abroad with limited resources, we understand the difficulties of  offering optimal care in tough circumstances.  Now, here in our own community, our physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals, many who have participated in our medical missions, are on the front lines.  Our heroes are working tirelessly to treat & save the lives of fellow New Yorkers infected with Covid-19. Help us provide them with nourishment & encouragement and that their efforts are appreciated.

Here’s Sights on Health’s plan:

Provide hot meals, individually wrapped and labeled  for frontline healthcare workers & support staff. They will be delivered to hospital units and floors caring for Covid-19 patients at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, the original epicenter of the virus in NYC.  Our goal is to expand this program to other overwhelmed hospitals such as additional city hospitals, as well as those on Long Island. With the monies raised through this page and your generosity, Sights on Health will coordinate with each hospital administrator to ensure the food goes directly to the intended staff members. All meals will be ordered from local restaurants as a way to help support & maintain business in the local communities during this crisis.

~ No donation is too small, one hot meal costs $6.
~ Donations over $100 will receive a tax donation letter from Sights on Health, Inc.
~ 100% of your donation will go towards this effort.


Thank you in advance for your support  to help feed our NY frontline healthcare heroes!


March 30, 2020 -  We Stand By You – A Note About The Covid – 19 Pandemic

All of us at Sights on Health feel ourselves in solidarity with healthcare providers who are working and struggling their way through the Covid-19 pandemic. As a medical and surgical charity providing care abroad with limited resources, we have an idea what it’s like to provide optimal care in tough circumstances.  Now at this time, here in our own community, our physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals, many who have participated in our medical missions are on the front lines. We hold these extraordinary people, their patients and Sights on Health’s friends in our prayers during these extremely tough times.
“The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.” – Epicetus