Day 1
(Started 1 day early to start making patients happy!) setting up and our first successful patient of the day!

A dozen obstacles overcome and another dozen of patients DONE! Restored sight to 12 very special patients! And our very first patient of this mission came back for her next day follow up! Look at that smile! Thank you to all of our supporters. With your kindness we can really help those less fortunate!

Day 2 Pre-op evaluations and sterilization area This is a great team!

Day 3 – Smooth day in the OR but so many patients evaluated today in the screening area! It was a wild day of bus loads of people coming in to be screened from mountain communities with NO resources! Shout out to our screening team! Dave Krebs, Ana, Jhon, Andy, Flo, George, Tatiana, Cipoletti, Vero, and Jessica! Bam Bam Bam! All taken care of!

Day 4 - in Calca, Peru. 88 patients evaluated and 50 patients went to the OR. There were some hairy times… and some great high fives. For all our past, present and future supporters… this is where your love lifts people up!!!

Shout out! – Today’s shout out goes to the administrative team that organizes this. Although we are but a small part of this whole organization, they work tirelessly year round to make this happen. Without our surgical team (mentioned on Tuesday) and our screening and registration team (mentioned on Weds) we would do nothing…

The admin team starts with Dr Debra Messina, our fearless president. Dr Joseph Ng, VP, Andy Maggiolo, Treasurer, Kenneth Roberts, Secretary, Dr George Coritsidis,Board Member, James Rienzo, Board Member, and Michael Sable Surgical Director. Dr. Frilo Silva from Cusco, Peru who has donated time and loaned us the equipment to make this possible and Dr Francisco Morales who, through his contacts helped spread the word and help us get our logistics planned out. FNE International, who was our boots on the ground who help cut through a lot of the bureaucracy.

Day 5 – It’s a wrap!!! We are done and packed as of early this afternoon… now to relax a bit, sight see and celebrate that we did some good in this world with all of our supporters help. Thank you all and see you all back home!