Blog 2 / Date: June 30th, 2019

Location: Lima and Cusco, Peru

By Kaitlin Monroig

Well, we made it! After some hiccups along the way, the entire NY crew made the connecting flight from Lima to Cusco. There, we met up with the rest of our team who had traveled separately, and headed for our final destination of the day: Urubamba. After everyone was settled in at the air bnb, we set out to explore the town and to satisfy some (very) hungry travelers (even if they already ate an hour before)! Some of us tried a Peruvian staple: Chicha! It’s a drink made from maize that has a long standing cultural and community importance in Peru. After an incredible meal, the team gathered once more to discuss the plan for clinic tomorrow, organizing medications and medical equipment and lastly, and most importantly, the significance of our mission. We have been so fortunate with the education and resources that have been provided to us and we feel it is our responsibility to share those gifts. A Promise to Peru aims to not only provide short term medical attention, but has helped create along with FNE and the local ministry of health, sustainability and continuity of our care for our patients. We are so excited to get started tomorrow, but tonight we sleep! ¡Buenos noches!