Blog 3 / Date: July 1st, 2019

Location: Calca, Peru

By Kaitlin Monroig

Today we had our first day of clinic in the town of Calca, Peru! It was an early start, we arrived at 8 am to set up and were seeing patients within a half hour. We saw well over 100 patients, and most wanted to see both medical doctors and optometrists. Medical students and undergraduate students were assigned to stations: triage, vital signs, translators for our physicians and physician assistants, diagnostic testing and the pharmacy. On site we had ultrasound and EKG readily available. It was a collective effort by everyone on the team, and for our first day of clinic it went well! We packed up and departed by 5 pm. In the morning we will discuss interesting cases and ideas to create as efficient a process for patients as possible. Tomorrow we are back in Calca for more!