Allow me to introduce myself…… I am Nicholas Coritsidis. I am motived by photography and I enjoy challenging myself and helping others. These are a few of the traits that have led me to creating a campaign called Potable Peru. It is designed to raise adequate funds to purchase family style water filtration devices manufactured by LifeStraw and distribute them to Peruvian children in the Sacred Valley. I volunteer with a non-profit organization called A Promise to Peru, Inc. that coordinates doctors and internal medicine physicians every year for the past 6 years. On an annual basis I travel with this organization to the Sacred Valley-Urubamba-Peru that performs surgery, distributes glasses and offers medical attention to the indigenous population. The gift of facilitating sight is one that I will continue to give as long as I can, but I ask myself why not give more; why not give the gift of purified water?  Potable Peru is focused on helping the children of the Sacred Valley because of inadequate sanitary conditions that lead to the death of 1.5 million children each year worldwide, with 88% of these deaths due to diarrhea. Some consumed contaminants include protozoa, bacteria and viruses that can lead to giardia, cholera and even dysentery. If the goal of $1,000 is reached, I would be able to purchase 20 LifeStraw Family’s which would supply nearly 400 children with clean water for a year. LifeStraw Family purifies up to 5,000 gallons/18,000 liters of water and removes protazoa, bacteria and viruses.  With your help we can make a powerful change for the lives of many. Potable Peru needs your help, so that the Peruvian children of the Sacred Valley can have safe water to drink.

Goal: to raise $1,000 so that 650 Peruvian children will have clean water for the next year.

  • One filter for $50.00 provides 33 children with clean water for an entire year.
  • $10 equates to 3,500 liters/922 gallons of potable water.
  • $25 equates to 9,000 liters/2,378 gallons of potable water.
  • $50 equates to 18,000liters/4755gallons of potable water.
Please consider donating Potable Peru – Thank you!

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