Julia Kokoshari is a professional multi-disciplinary artist. At an early age she expressed her talents through painting, music, writing and foreign languages. She has opened several exhibitions in Europe and also here in the U.S. Admirers appreciate her unique way of expressing an idea, concept and theme and how vivid and graded color effects bring completion of purposes. She is also an international social worker/psychologist with a highly qualitative work experience with different social groups, governmental and non-profit bodies.

Dr. Coritsidis & Dr. Messina introduced her to A Promise to Peru’s mission and work. Wanting to make a personal contribution and resonate a more colorful hope to the indigent population, she decided to utilize her paintings as means to support the mission and the great endeavors of doctors from all over the U.S through the Foundation ‘A Promise to Peru’ by donating 30% of the proceeds to the non profit organization. Julia has researched and excavated deeper into the Southern America’s cultures, traditions, believes, history and lack of medical help. You can view Julia’s beautiful and colorful paintings on her website http://www.juliakokoshari.com

If you are interested in purchasing one of Julia’s paintings or postcards 30% of the proceeds will go to A Promise To Peru Inc. Please click here for further details.