Sights on Health was able to have a significant effect on so many people’s lives on this past mission to Cuzco, Peru. One story that comes to mind that had all of us so touched was about a 30-year-old patient. Due to a childhood illness he was deaf and in his early teenage years he developed bilateral cataracts.  His world had become so isolated between being deaf and blind. Dr Michael Sable, SoH’s surgical director examined him and performed cataract surgery the first day we arrived to work at the Ceprece clinic in Cuzco. As he read the eye chart the first day after his surgery, there was not a dry eye in the clinic. All of the SoH team shared in his joy. On the last day of the surgical mission, Dr. Sable performed surgery on his second eye. Today, he has his sight restored to both eyes. He was once again able to read the eye chart and he is able to sign with his family again now that he is able to see. Changing the life of not just one person, but of his two young children and his wife who is also deaf.

In this  video, you will  see our ophthalmic tech performing the visual acuity test on the post op visit after the first surgery.
An account by Joseph Ng, MD