July 1-5th
Sacred Valley, Peru

The Sights on Health team just returned from their John Shanley M.D. M.P.H. Medical & Eye Care Mission in the Sacred Valley of Peru. It was an extremely successful mission; 815 people were examined in the medical and eye clinics.   The clinics were held in the Ministry of Health (MOH) facilities located in the towns of Calca, Maras and Urubamba.

  • 313 patients were examined in the Medical Clinic
  • 134 patients were examined in the Pediatric Clinic
  • 15 ultrasound examinations were performed in the clinic
  • 353 patients were examined in the Eye Clinic
      • 40 patients were referred to CEPRECE clinic & to MOH Cuzco Norde Ocular Health Program for cataract surgery.
      • Over 70 patients received Visual Disability Certificates as part of the Contigo, a Ministry of Health program. After their exams with our eye care professionals, these patients with severely impaired vision will qualify for a monthly benefit from the Peruvian government. This is a new program and Sights on Health made an important contribution to this program, as there are not enough eyecare professionals in Peru to perform the necessary examinations for the large number of patients that exist in the Sacred Valley.

Sights on Health worked with our four long standing partners and we are grateful to not only have a strong working relationship with them but also after so many years, we have developed friendships with them.

  • Many thanks to Mike Cipoletti and FNE International for his in country logistical support of our Sights on Health team. He works with our team & Dr. Morales in the months leading up to the mission to ensure the clinic schedule is complete as well as securing safe ground transportation for the team and comfortable & clean lodging (thanks to Kiki and his wife who own the two houses where Sights on Health stayed).
  • A special acknowledgement to Dr. Victor Rozas and the Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS) for their continued support of our efforts in Peru.  Every year, they work with us in order to obtain the necessary temporary medical licenses and documentation from the Peruvian Government and the Ministry of Health.
  • Many thanks to Francisco Morales, M.D. of Asociacion Winaypaq, Cuzco, Peru.  He works for the seven months before the mission with Drs. Messina, Coritsidis and Triller to ensure we have the proper medications and decides which towns are in most need of our clinical expertise. His involvement enables the mission physicians to refer patients with advanced medical and eye conditions for proper follow up with healthcare providers from the Peruvian Ministry of Health. Dr. Morales works with the local ministry of health (MOH), arranges for the facilities for our team to work in.  Through him, he notifies the local communities which kind of specialists will be arriving from the USA to ensure the neediest and most complicated medical cases are evaluated.  Dr. Coritsidis, our Medical Director transports a portable ultrasound unit every year from the USA.  Having the ability to perform an ultrasound examination provides the physicians with additional information to aid in making the correct diagnosis. Dr. Morales is able to refer the patients seen in our clinics for additional follow up care if necessary, to Peruvian physicians.
  • Five translators from Asociacion Winaypaq, Cuzco, Peru spent the week with our team. Reyna Almirón, Milagritos Usno and Yolanda Siccos provided translation from Spanish to Quechua (ancient Incan language) and Johana Achancaray and Edu Huaracha provided translations from Quechua to Spanish to English.
  • Dr. Silva & CEPRESE provided a nurse Maritza Olarte from his Cusco eye clinic to work with our eye care team for the week and we are grateful for their help.


Thank you to our Sights on Health team for donating their time & talents to make the mission so successful….

  • George Coritsidis, M.D.  Medical Director, Team leader, nephrologist, critical care specialist from NY
  • Tracey Weisberg, M.D. Internal Medicine from Maine
  • Caroline Pombar, M.D. Pediatrician from NY
  • Dr. Darren Triller Pharmacist from NY
  • Damaris Raymondi, O.D. from NY
  • Pauline Leong, O.D. from NY
  • Jenny Steffens, P.A. & her daughter Ellen Church from Maryland
  • Ana Castaneda Pharmacy Assistant from NY
  • Julia Colmenares Eye Clinic Assistant from NY
  • Claire Triller SUNY Upstate Medical School, 3rd y medical student
  • Maggie Triller, Pace University, 3rd y nursing student
  • Tasnin Kahn New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, NY, 1st y medical student
  • Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook, NY, 1st y medical students:
    Nicholas Brown
    Theresa Gammel
    Alex Freedenberg * student group leader
    Kaitlyn Monroig * student blogger
    Brady Quon * student group leader
    Emelio Woodstock
    Priscilla Young