A heartfelt thank you to Dr Francisco Morales for his many years of service to our NGO. Since 2013 he was worked as a liaison between Drs. Messina & Coritsidis and the Regional director of the ministry of health. In the months leading up to our arrival, he will screen patients according the the types of medical specialists we will be traveling with. He ensures that the neediest people of the Sacred Valley are evaluated by our medical specialists and eye specialists for screening and cataract surgery.  He and his organization Asociacion Winaypaq arranges the necessary support in order for our clinics to run smoothly. He has a team of Spanish-English and Quechua-Spanish-English translators that work side by side with our physicians, healthcare providers and medical students. Dr Morales arranged for transportation for patients to be examined by our specialists from the remote towns of Paucartambo and Pomacanchi. Thanks to our donors, we were able to pay for this transportation. THANK YOU DR. MORALES!