High School student, Lea Andreadis selects A Promise to Peru as her favorite non-profit organization and shares her thoughts…

Written by: Evangelea Andreadis

In my A.P. World History class at Harborfields High School in Greenlawn, NY, my teacher, Michelle Da-Silva assigned us a project to act as a representative for a non-profit or non-governmental organization which does charitable work.  We needed to get our message to our class audience by creating a PowerPoint presentation, promotional item and a Public Service Announcement.  Our goal was to convince our audience why their charitable dollars would be well spent if they sponsored us.

I chose A Promise To Peru because for so many years I complained about my vision – I have been wearing glasses since the age of 5.  I never considered there were people with the same or even worse conditions who don’t have access to things I was taking for granted like eye exams, walking into a store and picking out any eyeglass frame and more importantly procedures that could potentially open up someone’s world. After my mom and dad attended the fundraiser last year, it prompted me to appreciate all I have not only with my vision but with the most simple things that we don’t have to think about and wanted to bring that to the attention of my classmates.  My plan is to become a pediatrician and I hope one day to be able to contribute to one of A Promise To Peru’s mission.