By Christine Chevalier

We traveled from JFK airport in New York all the way to Calca, Peru with a layover in Lima! Our journey began at 7:30pm(EST) on June 9 and we arrived in Calca at 3pm(CST), making a total travel time of 19.5 hours. Our dedicated team came mostly from New York, but also from as diverse places like Texas and Oregon. We arrived safely and without hassle from international customs. Once arriving in Calca, 12 selfless participants brought luggage to the hospital to be set up on Sunday before joining most of our participants to the markets at Pisco for a chance to see the culture and pick up fun souvenirs. The hotel is slightly walking distance from both the ophthalmologic and medicine clinics, but some mornings our trusty bus drivers will bring us there. Our A Promise to Peru mission team is bonding well and truly having a good time getting to know each other, which serves as a glue for the upcoming week. Enjoy the first round of photos, there will be many more!