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“Wow, these first two days have just flown by! Monday began our five-day journey and this year has started off with extreme success! Day 1 began at 6:45am, with patients lined up waiting for both the eye clinic and medical clinic to open. Optometry/ophthalmology intake began with walk-in patients from Calca and over the course of the day, buses filled with elders from remote villages of Peru, including San Salvador, arrived at the clinic. We also continued to screen and prepare patients for cataract surgery, and by the end of this very long day, we had operated on 12 patients! Over on the medical side, things were no less busy, as our physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistant saw over 100 pediatric and adult patients. We are so honored and thrilled to be helping all of these Peruvians!

It was no surprise that Tuesday’s clinics were able to surpass the previous day’s numbers – today we saw over 200 ophthalmology/optometry patients, and around 120 medical patients! In addition, our ophthalmologists were able to perform 13 more cataract surgeries. After two days, we are slowly but surely establishing a nice “flow” in both of our clinics and we are excited for the days to come! Enjoy all of our pictures below!”