On behalf of the Board of Directors of A Promise to Peru, Inc. we wanted to thank each and every one of our participants for your generous donation of time, expertise, personal expense and for your passion of assisting those less fortunate in receiving quality medical and surgical care in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This year, for the first time, we expanded our presence to another country & worked with another nonprofit organization that has years more experience than us.  Blanca’s House enjoys an excellent reputation within our community on Long Island and for good reason, they were a pleasure to work with and we learned so much from this joint venture. Our intentions are always the best…to provide quality medical and eye care to our patients and we believe we were successful, thanks to all of our participants and our many devoted and generous donors!

Mission 2015 Results:

  1. Number of medical patients examined and treated were a staggering….400 patients
  2. 90 ultrasound procedures were performed
  3. Over 1,000 pairs of prescription glasses & 400 sunglasses dispensed
  4. 240 patients were examined by ophthalmologists and 128 cataract surgeries were performed.  The most ever! The majority (75%) of the patients operated on were legally blind (Visual acuity of 20/200 or less) in their operated eye prior to surgery; the potential to truly change a person’s life was indeed very real.


The total sum of services donated equaled $434,100.00, not including the medications & supplies that were purchased by A Promise to Peru or donated to our organization by so many generous supporters of ours. A Promise to Peru’s operating expenses for this mission was approximately $10,000.

Finally, we again thank all 52 of you -physicians, students, nurses, PAs, nurse practitioners, pharmacist, surgical technicians, ultrasound technician, instrument sterilization team, translator, videographer, photographer and your families, businesses and spouses that supported your trip with us!

Patiently waiting to be seen in the medical clinic

Each patient is given the attention they need after waiting many hours on line.

Nurse Assistant, Julia Colmenares preparing to bring our young patient to the operating room

Dr. Sable examining a patient

Dr. Appel, Ophthalmologist

Eye Exam

128 cataract surgeries, free of charge were performed here at the Military Hospital of Guayaquil

Dr. Fred Davis, Emergency Medicine Physician and repeat participant

Medical Clinic

Dr Turrin, Emergency Medicine Resident, this is her second mission with A Promise to Peru, Inc.

Our photographer takes a moment to spend some time with a patient

Guayaquil, Equador

Third year medical student preparing patient for eye surgery

Preoperative Area for patients and staff

Dr. Coritsidis examining a patient prior to her cataract surgery

Caroline Rienzo, RN assisting in an extracapsular cataract extraction

Dr. Sable with his very happy patient and her mom

Monitoring of the patient’s vital signs during surgery

Administering drops prior to surgery

Damaris Raymondi, optometrist

Our sterilization team, waiting for the next round of instruments

Operating Room Team 2015