Kings Park R.J.O. Intermediate School has a Community Awareness Program

Kings Park R.J.O. Intermediate School has a Community Awareness Program aimed at increasing the student’s awareness of the needs of others.  Interested students are invited to monthly meetings where parent volunteers will introduce a need and a project to help meet that need.  The children collected sunglasses, reading glasses and children’s prescription glasses for A Promise to Peru, Inc. Here they are holding their certificates of appreciation.   Drs. DiGioia and Messina gave a slide show to the students about the medical and surgical mission and discussed with the students who will benefit from their donated glasses.  What a wonderful idea to start exposing the children about what they can do in the world to help make a difference!  They were given an opportunity to make a difference and they did!  Thank you Anne McConville and the volunteer parents for inviting A Promise to Peru to visit and to be a recipient of your efforts!