SUNY Optometry student, Damaris Raymondi

A Promise to Perú, Inc. is an organization founded by Drs. John Shanley, Debra Messina and Natalie DiGioia, Faculty Members at Stony Brook School of Medicine in New York City. The organization provides an annual cataract surgical and medical mission to the remote villages of the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Perú, and other regions in need. Physicians and other health professionals from across the U.S. along with medical, optometry, pharmacology, public health and undergraduate students, volunteer their time towards this effort. A Promise to Perú is assisted in its endeavors by PAMS through PAMS for Peru and Dr. Victor V. Rozas, Medical Director of the PAMS Permanent Medical Mission to Cuzco, Perú, who assists them with logistics and securing the temporary medical licenses.

Over the last two years, the ophthalmology team performed 140 surgical cataract extractions, eye examinations, and fitted patients with over 4,000 pairs of prescription glasses. Many patients had complete restoration of their vision with a measurable impact in their daily lives. The Mission teams have also provided primary services and have had the assistance of specialists in emergency medicine, dermatology, nephrology, infectious diseases, and public health. For the July 2014 Mission, the ophthalmology team is planning for 100 cataract surgeries. They receive charitable help from Surgical Eye Expeditions, an organization that provides supplies and instruments. All services are provided absolutely free of charge.