Founded in 2011, in just four short years, A Promise to Peru has delivered much needed cataract surgery and medical care to almost 7,000 residents of remote Peruvian villages, many of them now with restored vision…some even enjoying normal eyesight for the first time ever.  Whether it is through a site restoring surgery or administering one of the pairs of 4,000 pairs of glasses that have been given thus far. It is our mission to continue to provide these life-enhancing services and to expand our reach throughout South America.

A non-profit organization, A Promise to Peru is delivered by physicians, nurses, allied health care professionals, medical students, optometry and public health graduate students from across the United States, all dedicated individuals who volunteer their time and expertise.

Public and private organizations that are a continuous source of support include Surgical Eye Expedition; the Peruvian American Medical Society; Foundation Niños del Arco Iris; Stony Brook School of Medicine, SUNY School of Optometry, Sonosite, LNK International Pharmaceuticals and Allergan to name a few.  Jet Blue recently donated to our effort free air travel to Peru for 20 of our volunteers, a value of more than $20,000.

A Promise to Peru’s missions are designed to make a meaningful difference not just in the lives of the patients served, but for those volunteering as well. All members of the mission gain the satisfaction of providing modern surgical and medical services to those less fortunate, but the students among the team gain invaluable knowledge and experience from the physicians they are assisting, nurturing their own capacity for empathy and compassion that will enable them to become successful leaders in the future.

What We Do

• Typically a team of 45 participants will travel to Peru for 2 weeks each year.

• All of the medical and surgical equipment, instruments, medications and supplies are transported with each of the members of the team on a commercial airline.

• Upon arrival at its destination, the team sets up a full service eye clinic and a portable operating room, generally in an empty space designated for use by the Peruvian Minister of Health.

• The team’s first week consists of performing cataract surgery, treating common diseases of the eyes, dispensing eyeglasses in addition to conducting scheduled sub-specialty medical clinics for patients with complicated medical conditions. This year’s goal is to perform at least 100 cataract surgeries.

• Portable ultrasonography assists the physicians in making accurate diagnoses and referring patients for proper follow up care.

• The team’s second week involves traveling to remote villages high in the Andes Mountains, delivering the same quality medical services as provided at the base camp. Over 700 patients are evaluated and common ailments are treated, including a variety of women’s health issues.

Our Future Goals  

-Expanded the number of cataract surgeries offered and reach out to other geographic areas to continue to provide the gift to sight.

-Continue to expand our sustainable medical mission offering diagnostic ultrasound, needed medications, and treatment of medical ailments including women’s health.

-Strive to add public health services such as providing clean water to one of the many communities that are in need.



Debra Messina, M.D.

Natalie Di Gioia, M.D.

John Shanley, M.D.

George Coritsidis, M.D.

Michael Sable, M.D.


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